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The Sky - Original Writing - 882 Words

The sky was silent. Leslie watched it, trying to see the stars beyond the red smog. The cabin was far from the city, but the noises and the lights still carried across the river. She didn’t notice, she only watched the sky. There was nothing between her and the starless sky and the red smog. Paul came out onto the porch, she knew it was him before she turned and saw his shadow in the soft, yellow light. The floorboards creaked softly as he came across the porch and settled into the chair next to her. She shifted away from him, from the tingle of the energy that came off of him. He sighed and crossed his legs. â€Å"You can feel the winter.† She said softly, her eyes not moving from the dark tree they had fixed themselves on, â€Å"Can’t you?† â€Å"Yeah.† Paul said, but he couldn’t. That night in bed Leslie lay awake, listening to the forest, watching the moonlight that flickered in the space between the curtains. Around dawn a soft wind blew up, kicking the dead and dying leaves across the front porch. A deer walked down to the river, its shadow falling across the window. Leslie stood in the window and watched it drink, she began to cry. Paul lay in bed and watched her, feigning sleep. â€Å"Are you awake?† she asked crawling back into bed. He didn’t reply. â€Å"I love you.† She said and lay back against the pillows. She was thinking of Micah when Paul finally got out of bed at 8:30. She was always thinking of Micah. She saw Micah being born. She saw Micah as a boy in the living room of theShow MoreRelatedThe Dark Sky - Original Writing1115 Words   |  5 Pagesa faint jet engine in the distance. He looked up at the dark sky and saw the Orion constellation perfectly mirroring his own posture on the grass. An airplane as small as single blinking light travelled a straight line between Sirius and Orion s feet. Mark tried to sit up and fainted back onto the grass. Opening his eyes again, he saw the same light, now flying past Sirius, blink twice and then stutter back to the same spot in the sky behind Sirius. Then the airplane blinked twice more and stutteredRead MoreThe Night Sky - Original Writing999 Words   |  4 Pageswas introduced to the milky colored moon that peaked behind the clouds. They quickly made their way across the barren land to reveal the deep purple haze that was the night sky. The night looked young as the moon shined bright behind the branches of the dead trees. Each of the trees stretched their branches out to reach for the sky. You could tell that they wanted to escape from this place as their branches reached for the stars. However, the malnourished earth refused to let them go as the ground lockedRead MoreThe Night Sky - Original Writing926 Words   |  4 Pagesa dark and stormy night, the wind blows as the ghostly moonlight filled the darkness. George the highwayman made his way toward Bess the innkeeper’s daughter. She was gazing out the window when the two of their eyes met. Hers, black as the night sky, and a dark red love knot placed on her hair. A red dress made of the fabric silk. Her hair was a dark brown, but could have been mistaken as black. Her outfit fit her personality as much as it did the highwayman. I hope he loves poetry. Bess thoughtRead MoreStatement Of Purpose For Graduate Schemes In Advertising And Marketing Sky1048 Words   |  5 PagesWhen looking for graduate schemes in advertising and marketing Sky stood out especially to me. Firstly because its name recognition immediately jumped out at me, but also because of how broad and varied  the work at Sky appears to be. Nation wide Sky advertises a multitude of channels and programming across all medias whether that be physical, digital or televised. The skills and experiences to be gained by working as part of such a large organisation and such a professional team both intrigues andRead MoreMacbeth by Shake speare and the Cinematic Interpretation by Roman Polanski1556 Words   |  7 Pagesof many movies and theatrical plays .One film interpretation was made by Roman Polanski in 1971,centuries after it was first performed in Elizabethan sixteenth century England .Therefor there is a great difference between this and the original ,as things have changed greatly over the many years . Shakespeare was an amazing story writer and entertainer and obviously wanted to catch his audiences imagination ,but even for such a gifted person as he, it must still have beenRead MoreThe Progession of Poems Essays999 Words   |  4 Pagesthe relationships between people in their writing. Freire talked about the way teachers teach the students with no contradiction, as they sit there waiting to be filled with information. Rich uses a similar theory in her essay, When We Dead Awaken, where she addresses society and the way they have been oppressed. While the two have similar theories, they have much different ways of expressing their argument. Freire used an argumental style of writing to address that change is needed in societyRead MoreThe Bible Is The Only Truth1574 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstand the deficiencies of the Bible, and concentrate all our efforts on the overall message. There are four major deficiencies that should be considered before creating any assumptions about the Bible: the content’s complexity, absence of an original, biased selection of books, and translations. The content’s complexity is the first major issue. Undoubtedly, different men wrote the manuscripts and scrolls that make up the books composing the Bible. These authors lived at various times. TheirRead MorePristine Contentment Essay590 Words   |  3 Pagesdifferent person. To read and understand this essay means looking deeper into the authors story of rebirth, and how the big Wyoming skies were healing and put things into perspective for her. Thus, improving her quality of life without any fillers or distractions. Ehrlichs purpose for being in Wyoming, is best described in the quote, quot;I suspect that my original motive for coming here was to quot;lose myselfquot; in new and unpopulated territory. Instead of producing the numbness I thoughtRead MoreReflection Of Writing : Analysis794 Words   |  4 PagesIn past years, writing in an academic setting has always filled me with dread. With its strict structures and limited creative freedom, essays often felt like a regurgitation of the instructor’s ideas rather than an exploration of my own. It felt like I was writing just to affirm the instructor’s own beliefs, or in a worst-case scenario, to inflate their ego. It was not until I took AP English Literature and Composition my senior year that I began to understand the purpose of writing. My teacher, DrRead MoreEssay on The Popularity of Advertising1324 Words   |  6 Pagesshowing a dark sky and land. The sky is red and black and the thought of danger and fear comes to mind. The frame freezes to make the audience acknowledge the dark sky and wonder what is going to happen next. It builds up a sense of tension. When you see this frame, you first think that this advert is going to be advertising something other than a car. It then cuts to the next scene, which is of face of a man blending into the background of the dark sky. This effect shows

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